Research & Development

Curiosity, it is always our start. R&D capability developed through ceaseless innovation


R&D ? The DNA of our company’s history

The world of cosmetics is dedicated to the expression of beauty and
is continually evolving as it collects science and technology from
all different fields. Nippon Shikizai has examined cosmetics from
a broad range of these fields, including skin physiology,
the science of colors and color materials, interface science,
and microbiology. To these fields we have recently added the new
scientific theories of nanotechnology and anti-aging, and it is fair
to say that our business is part of the synthetic science industry.
The reason that we are able to survive in the harsh world of
leading-edge science is because Nippon Shikizai has always devoted
unsparing efforts to R & D. Since our founding in 1930, we have
progressed as an OEM manufacturer without our own brand.
What we strive to achieve as a partner to cosmetics manufacturers is the ”quality of beauty”.
And also Nippon Shikizai already has approximately 30,000 formulations, and the extremely broad range of their
variations is a source of pride for the company.

Exhaustive studies of the products suited to the current needs


Take lipstick for example. There are now many types of lipstick sold which
keep the lips moist and have long lasting function. In fact it was
Nippon Shikizai which was the first to begin development of new types of
lipstick with this kind of functionality.
We also provide product samples to various organizations and specialized
institutions, and collect data from use of these products under a range of
different conditions. In 2002, we provided a sunscreen cream and other
products that our company had developed to a joint team of Japanese and
Chinese female mountain climbers who were headed up Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak in the world. We have
since applied the data from this expedition to the development and creation of new products. In addition to UV care
products which protect the wearer from UV radiation, we have developed a large number of makeup products with
other appealing functions, such as long-lasting foundations and we have delivered these products to the market via
cosmetics manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
Of course, products such as these cannot be created overnight. They can only be created through repeated trial and
error involving immense time and effort, when the passion and dedication of the researchers leads to new science and
technologies. This kind of effort has resulted in numerous papers and gathered attention from around the world since
our first presentation at an academic conference of the IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of
Cosmetic Chemists) as the first OEM manufacturer participant in 1994.

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